How is a basic order created?

Managers can start making investment decisions for the fund by staking some Kairo tokens when they create an order. Decisions are immediately turned into actual investments using the equation

investmentAmount=totalFunds×decisionStaketotalKairoSupplyinvestmentAmount = totalFunds \times \frac{decisionStake}{totalKairoSupply}

During the Manage phase, managers can also sell any asset they invested in whenever they want at the current market price. After an asset has been sold, the fund's smart contract automatically determines how profitable the investment was and rewards/takes away Kairo based on the results.

The amount of Kairos a user gets back after selling an asset is stake×(1+ROI)stake \times (1 + ROI) , so if one of your investments had a 20% ROI (Return On Investment), you would get 20% more Kairo tokens back.

All investments should be sold before the end of the decision-making phase, or one's staked Kairos would be lost.

Betoken uses Kyber Network and as the token exchange platforms for executing all of its managers' investments.