What is the fees structure?

Management fees

After the management phase is over (every 27 days):

IF the fund is profitable OR not profitable

  • 0.1% of the total Betoken funds is set aside and distributed among fund manager holding Kairo.

  • In order to providing funding for its maintenance and future development, Betoken protocol will mint Betoken Shares and send them to the current development team. The amount will be equal to 0.1% of the current Betoken Shares total supply, and it will occur at the end of every investment cycle.

ONLY IF the fund is profitable

  • 20% of the total Betoken's monthly profits is set aside as commission and distributed among fund managers holding Kairo proportional to the amount they hold and their risk profile. The commission is taken into account IF and ONLY IF the fund is profitable during the actual investment cycle.

Redemptions fee

Redemptions incur no withdrawal fee.